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Web & Graphic Designer

About Me

I'm Syril Bobadilla, a web & graphic designer, based in Manila, Philippines.
I love anything that involves art and design. But I particularly focus on the following:


Graphic / Illustration

I love graphic design, and I'm obsessed with making everything look pretty and bringing out the beauty in simple things.

Web Design & Development

I design and develop websites. I'm no hardcore developer but I try to keep up with the latest trends especially with RWD (Responsive Web Design).


Who doesn't love type? Words alone aren't enough for me. If you have something say, say it with typography.

Branding / Identity

Everyone else's identity is taken so better have your own. I can help you create an identity that is yours and yours alone.


  • Graphic
  • Web
  • Typography
  • Identity


Have a project in mind?

Email: lynnsyril@gmail.com
Mobile: +639 234 593 778